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Can black holes in theory, be used to travel?

Asked by pcekeyper88 (42points) June 25th, 2018

Science has stated that black holes are nothing but massive gravity wells that grab any and all things that come its way. Time is also meaningless in the black hole. But could in theory, these gravity wells could be used to travel to different parts of the universe or could they be gateways to other dimensions?

What are your thoughts on this?

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No. They could not. The gravity of a black hole is such that anything entering is stretched beyond liveable limits.
If anything were to be spat out, it would my have the same composition anymore.

This question would be answered more in general. Meta is for questions about fluther specifically.

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Meta doesn’t mean metaphysics.

Your matter may be transported to another universe, but you would not survive the trip.

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An interesting new theory links wormholes with entangled particles. If two sets of entangled particles were collapsed into two separate black holes they would be joined together by a wormhole. There would be a connection but nothing useful could travel through the wormhole, not even in theory.

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No. In sci-fi stories it might work, but not in reality.

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