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How many vegetarians and vegans do we have now?

Asked by Kardamom (33376points) July 11th, 2018 from iPhone

So many people have left the site, and took their vegetarian knowledge with them, and yet some new people have joined.

I was just curious to know how many vegans or vegetarians (or even veggie leaning folks) we currently have.

I’m sure I’m not the only vegetarian here, right?

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And while we’re on the subject, got any good vegetarian summer recipes to share?

I just made this delicious raw sweet potato slaw with grated sweet potato, un-sweetened shredded coconut, chopped pecans, and a dressing of lemon juice and maple syrup. It’s so good.

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I’m NOT a Vegetarian; however, I did run across a delicious sounding Sweet Potato Soup on Youtube a few days back. She adds bacon to hers but clearly says that the bacon is OPTIONAL!!! I love my meat, but I think it would be better without the bacon. This recipe is for an electric pressure cooker but she gives a link to how to do it in a slow cooker also. I’m sure it could be cooked on the stove top by adjusting the cook time. It sounded so good that I bookmarked it to go back to make it this later on.

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I am allergic to sugar cane, dairy, almond, sunflower, many grains (wheat, barley, spelt, rye, and gluten) and anything mold or fungus related (vinegar, mushrooms, yeast, and alcohol). I’m not a celiac.

What’s left is fruit and vegetables, and occasionally organic meats.

My sense of taste is shot. I hate to cook because everything tastes flat. I’d love some help!

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Vegan here, pleased to raise her hand!

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Not a vegan or vegetarian, but could be considered a veggie leaning folk.

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Just who is “we?” Do you have a monkey in your pocket??
I’m a food vacuum. Unless there is liver, celery, raisins, and maybe a couple of other things…

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Vegan here.

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My wife and I are flexitarians, which is to say that we are vegetarians most of the time with certain exceptions.

@kritiper The “we” in the question refers to Fluther, as in “how many vegetarians and vegans are still on Fluther these days?”

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@SavoirFaire It’s a joke my 7th grade teacher always used to make…

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Sounds less like a joke and more like hypercorrective pedantry. In any case, it makes no sense when the referent is obvious.

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I am a vegetarian. Its hard to survive amongst all the food joints serving mostly meat and non-vegeratian food, but still I love to remain a vegetarian.

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I avoid beef, but I eat poultry and fish. Mostly I do it for health reasons. I also try to cut back on sugar and I avoid artificial sweeteners.

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@SavoirFaire Noted. (I knew who “we” were. So obvious!)
Any future jokes of the like made by this person will not be directed at you.

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Vegetarian here.

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@kritiper Uhhhh, I don’t get the monkey joke.

I just wanted to know how many vegans and vegetarians are currently on Fluther.

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@kritiper I got it!!! My teacher always asked us “if we had a mouse in our pocket”

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Not me! But I am looking for a yummy pasta salad recipe.
As far as general foods, I focus more on calories than anything else which automatically leads me to leaner foods.

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This Mediterranean Pasta Salad looks pretty delicious!

Or this one for BLT Pasta Salad (of course I would use fake bacon).

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