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Can artists make money?

Asked by kraka (44points) August 19th, 2008

Having a hard time moving up in a graphic design career (mainly from working in a poorly run company, not out of lack of talent or trying!), is there something an artist can do to make top money? Or is it a matter of changing jobs?

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not really, well maybe, if the company is running that poorly then you might have to change jobs.

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Artist usually just starve.

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not really i’m an artist and i’m not starving.

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I guess it’s all on who you know and what you design. I’m living comfortably off freelance work.

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if you do graphic design you should consider going into business for yourself. you can charge more per hour… just keep in mind that you’ll have to cover your own office expenses and insurance if you do that. or you could do what i did which is the best of both worlds: i started my own environmental consulting business, but i also have a part time “real” job which offers benefits…...

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I am having a hard time right now myself. I have 15 years experience and everyone just wants to use me as a quick solution to problems. No one wants to hire.

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Side income can be a bonus – T-shirts, prints…

Freelance seems to pay better at the moment, though Design Week reckons that will change over the coming year. Plus all the freedom you have. It’s stability vs pay.

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If you’re a graphic designer, you have a good chance of making money. It sucks that your current company is poorly run, but after you’ve wracked up a decent amount of experience there (1–2 years) it’s time to take your resume and portfolio and default to a better (and higher paying) company. Keep doing it like that – work your way up the chain. Scout out your dream type jobs, and see what the requirements are. Maybe there’s a program or some software you can learn in your free time that will make you more attractive. Also, many companies say they want X number of years experience in their job postings, but if you have a good interview and an even better portfolio they will probably overlook you not having quite as much experience.

Good luck.

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I’ve always made money as an artist, but not enough to live on unless I took teaching jobs.
I think this is somewhat typical of non-“commercial” artists: we’re not that commercial.

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Depends on your clients ;)

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like me i like art, i’ll pay 5000$$$, sold to the gent up front.

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you want fries with that?

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and a shake. :)

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Try this site You won’t make anything major but something is better than nothing these days.

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