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What does plain ice cream, with out vanilla, taste like?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (18592points) August 23rd, 2018

Just wondering. Does it exist? Have you tried it? Did you like it?

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You can make it homemade.

Not bad—best described as icy milk but with the texture of ice cream.
I have tried it. Tastes okay but not very exciting.

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Tastes like half and half.

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I have never had that, but it sounds wonderful I love milk and cream, so I’m pretty sure I would love this! Maybe this will be the next hipster craft food!

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When I was little, I would have lots of milk left in the bowl when I finished eating cereal. Sometimes I would stick it in the freezer, spoon and all.
Not quite the same, but I liked it.

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The half and half, added to milk, or ANY coffee creamer added to milk, will yield something like cereal milk.

But plain ice cream is plainer than cereal milk or milk and cream. Might indeed make the next hipster craft food.

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We used to make ice cream out of snow and milk. If vanilla wasn’t added, it was flavorlous.

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Like plain milk, I guess. Sounds gross. I’ve never been one to just have “a glass of milk”.

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Take a glass of milk & add a teaspoon of sugar. Drink & you’ll have a decent idea. It taste better with some vanilla; & in my personal opinion, twice as good IF you add some chocolate!!!

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Fantastic question. Gross thought. I love soft serve.

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When I was in Girl Scouts, we did this thing where we took a gallon bag, put ice halfway, filled it halfway with milk, and shook the bag until it was the consistency of ice cream. As others have said, it tastes literally like milk with the consistency of ice cream but upon doing other research I found that you can add chocolate chips, half and half, vanilla extract and other things to make it more like ice cream.

But homemade ice cream is just milk and ice, along with other flavors (and sugar) as the milk and ice by itself isn’t all that exciting or good, unless you are big into milk.(?)

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Our family made homemade ice cream every summer in a hand cranked machine. Mom cooked the basic mixture, and it was poured into the ice cream container, along with whatever fruit was just picked: strawberries or peaches.

The little churn was packed with ice around the edges and occasionally salted to melt the ice. It took hours of churning the tub before it set. This means hand-cranking a lever that rotated the cylinder container that held the ice cream being chilled by the outside layer of ice.

It was better than any store bout ice cream, but there are some that get close.

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(thinking about the tool man rrr rrr ohhh)
We had the hand crank ice cream too. It made great stuff, but a certain speed has to be maintained quite a while.
Everybody wanted the paddles when it was ready.

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We used to make snow ice cream with the first real snow. Yum!

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Homemade ice cream is truly delicious; however, homemade vanilla ice cream with NO vanilla is yucky!!! Other than chocolate, peach & strawberry come in close behind.

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We had a huge patch of black raspberries, sweeter than red. Oh maaaan I loved those crushed in my homemade ice cream.

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Black raspberry does sound good; but, Gramps didn’t have any on his farm. He did, however, have a small grove of peach trees & he loved strawberries so we always had plenty of those!!!

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No peaches at my house, but little apricots, cherries, strawberries galore.

I’m trying to remember if anyone ever felt adventurous enough to experiment with gooseberries in it.

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