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I left my ice cream out, will it be okay to freeze again?

Asked by nightwolf5 (2958points) March 23rd, 2016

I got a new fridge today. I noticed now that I forgot to put my 2 quarts of ice cream away into the new one. They were out for several hours. I just put them in. Will they refreeze and be okay again? Or is it not good to eat and I should buy new ice cream now? It was more than six hours out on the counter.

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Definitely the texture will be different. “Fussy” people will say it is no good.
I’d still eat it but I rarely throw out food. Try it and see. .
I would use it for milkshakes, or use a spoonful at a time as coffee sweetener.
You will think of other uses.

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I don’t think it will kill you but it will not be the same.

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They will probably have an icy texture and not be smooth but try it and see.

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You can get it closer to the original texture by pouring the thawed mixture into large ziplock bags, freezing it flat, then breaking up the frozen slabs into small chunks and processing them in a food processor.

This will break up the larger ice crystals into smaller ones, restoring some of the creaminess (though it will never be quite as smooth). Don’t go too far with the processing or the heat of the blade will remelt the mixture.

The ice cream will be pretty soft after the processing. Put it into another container and let it firm up in the freezer.

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It won’t hurt you.
I would do as @LuckyGuy suggests and and save it for some tasty milkshakes.

10 Delicious Things You Can Make Out Of Melted Ice Cream

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The texture will never be right again.

Texture is at least half the point of ice cream.

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Should be OK. The texture, as @janbb mentioned, will not be the same. Very rapid freezing at the ice cream plant is what makes the smooth consistency.

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@LuckyGuy Coffee sweetener—what a genius idea! I’m out of milk just now; talk about perfect timing.

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Make a shake with it.

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Agree with @SecondHandStoke (The texture will never be right again.Texture is at least half the point of ice cream.)

So from this ice cream lover, one word: Yuk.

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It will be full of ice crystals. You will need to give it a proper whirl with a food processor after you refreeze it.

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Thanks all. It definitely isn’t the same, but I’ll still use it to put in stuff like shakes and coffees.

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you can freeze it again but it won’t have the same texture, it will be hard and icy. not smoother and creamy.

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Throw it away.

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