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If I take out my cartilage piercing because I have a bump, do I have to get it repierced?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) August 24th, 2018

Hello all. So I was wondering if I have to get my ear repierced if I take the piercing out cause of a bump. I just found out today that I had it and bought some sea salt to clean it. I read I had to do this twice a day for awhile until the bump is gone.

I took my piercing out cause it was hurting a little. So I’m just wondering, once the bump swells down. Can I just put my earring back in or will the hole close?

I got it pierced in April but had to get it redone after a week cause they used an earring with copper in it. An my ear swelled. Then I got it redone after the swelling and they used a titanium earring. I put in a stainless steel horseshoe earring about a week or two ago cause it was time to change it. So…I’m really hoping I don’t have to get it repierced again…

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After five years of taking out my pierced earrings I was able to still use the original piercing holes OK.
If the piercing holes were not healed then I would see a problem of it healing over the original hole. But even then the healing over is thin enough to push through your earring post easily.
I was under the impression that only gold posts should be used as all other metals will cause allergies and infections as nickel is one metal used in the mix ( which causes allergic reactions).I have had a lump once too, just wait for it to heal and go away before placing earrings in again, BUT use gold ones ,usually the gold thin ring that does not cause infections or reactions.

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