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If I have a Student Loan from an institute, does that mean I can't go back to college to actually get my degree?

Asked by LazyMe10 (508points) August 4th, 2018

Yes, another money related question. Sorry.
But I am curious, for with the Art Institute I went to I found out I actually did take out a Student Loan. An I owe around $36,000 (plus adding on interest each day) towards that. I already still owe the Art Institute & I owe the bank some money and now this hell.

I don’t mean to curse but to me education is important and I want a degree. An this is very frustrating. No on is pressuring me to get back I to college (My family does want me back in school and they know I owe money and want to hell. So there patient.) But after I recalled this and spoke with the people on the phone I was very depressed. An I really did just want to give up on it all, on life, and found what was the point of living if we’re all just going to be in debt and suffer for the rest of our lives paying it off.

(I did have to call the suicide hotline, it was my first ever doing tha. An hopefully my last.)

But I just want to know do I have to pay all this off before I can even try to go back to a legit University? Or just pay off what I owe the Art Institute & just not take out another loan when going to a new college?

Cause at this point if I have to suffer….then what’s the point of trying…I mean I’m trying to think positive an pay one thing off at a time. But I do feel impatient. An I’m scared I won’t reach any of my goals until I’m in a wheelchair and have fake teeth and be super old. Yes depressing but all advice is welcome… :(

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It’s not a hard & fast rule, but it sounds like it would be unwise to add more student loans.

Maybe not helpful at this point, but if I had to choose between a student loan and self-educating or finding affordable or free schools, I think I would never choose a student loan.

Here are few articles that may help:

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It’s true that if you have unpaid loans which are in default, some institutions will not admit you until your loan is paid. Why do you have an unpaid loan? The very word ‘loan’ should cause bells to go off that it is not free money but money that you have to pay back. It’s like we have a whole generation of people surprised that student loans have to be paid back.

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@MollyMcGuire Do you think there’s some positive value in participating in shaming conversations around debt?

Even in the context of young people who have never had to support themselves being told it’s a reasonable thing to take on a loan while attending university at age 18, when the financial institutions can see for themselves how often that leads to decades or a lifetime of interest payments?

Even in response to a question by such a person who is also indicating that the situation is already having them feel suicidal? What do you think, “more judgmental shaming is what this person needs!”?

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@MollyMcGuire Thank for telling me that it has to be paid off before attending school. That’s the information I wanted but after that was kind of rude of you.

You shouldn’t blame a generation for anything because not all children are raised the same or come from a good background. I won’t give my life story or what I’ve been through. But I was raised right, raised to work hard for what I want, and was taught respect and to stand up for myself. So no, I’m not surprised that I have to pay it off. I sure as heck know that it has to be paid off, that is common sense. I’m only asking if it needs to be paid off after I pay off other things to attend college.

As for why it’s not paid off, well it’s called things in life happen. I only have one parent that was helping me through school. An as the saying goes, Shit Happens and sometimes not all things can be paid my good lady or sir. I’m not rich nor am I in the middle class of having that dough.

I’m a hard working citizen that came from hard working family that would do what it takes to make things happen. No matter how long it takes.

And to end this, another thing I was taught, treat people with kindness & if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say it at all.

Thank you an have a good morning, afternoon, evening, or night where ever you are.

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@Zaku Thank you so much for the links to the articles. I will check them out on one of my short days from work when I get home.

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