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Can one single person tell me the name of these crackers? TIA?

Asked by Aster (18860points) 2 months ago

Each time Debby has a family gathering somebody brings these crackers. I asked my daughter the name of them. ” Oh, I don’t remember ; I only get them at Sam’s.” So I asked Debby. She’s not home. Lastly I asked Christy who I thought brought them sometimes . She said she has no idea.
They are about two inches by two inches, extremely thin, almost black (not the typical tan color of Ritz for example) and have a delicious , nutty flavor. Anyone know the name?

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If these were rectangular I’d say you nailed it. I just might buy these anyway. Love ya for this, el .

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Debby just contacted me and said when she gets home she’ll let me know. Hard to believe! Then we’ll see who got it right!

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Are they black or dark green like these:
Roasted Seaweed Snack

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No, T Willie. One lady says she thinks they’re CRUNCHMASTER.

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Now the second friend said “Crunchmaster.” But I don’t see any dark brown ones. Maybe they’re both wrong even though they bought them!!

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Here’s the crunch master website. I just scrolled through, and didn’t find any dark crackers except for brownie brittle, which is more of a cookie.

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