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Should I just humor this Facebook friend or unfriend him?

Asked by Aster (19994points) October 23rd, 2018

I don’t remember how we became friends on FB or how long ago it happened. But he continues to make nasty jabs at women who are morbidly obese or, as he says, ugly.
It’s like he thinks he’s some hunk. He is not. He’s average at best and in his seventies. But he ran a photo of a 400 pound girl trying to squeeze into a car; then he shows Rosie O“Donnell and asks if her mother doesn’t really long younger than Rosie. Am I being silly or should I unfriend the jerk?

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I unfriend assholes. I would unfriend the disrespectful old coot. You don’t need to have to read crap on your facebook page that you don’t like.

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I’m quite sure you can work this one out yourself @Aster. Were he my “friend”, he would not be my friend.

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Unfriend, or at the very least, unfollow. Personally, I would unfriend.

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Body shaming marks him out as a grade A prick, get rid & leave the ignorant fucker to his toxic issues.

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WOW !!! I’ll do that now!! LOL.

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UNFRIEND! There’s no place for bullies and I personally would be sick to death of seeing that crap. Ditch him.

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He wasn’t on today or I would have. I’ll do it tomorrow . Thank you.

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I am not “friends” on Facebook with anyone who I do not know (and care for) in real life, save for a few Jellies that I have “known” from this site for years.

Cut out the drama. Unfriend this dude as soon as possible.

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