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Why are articles like these necessary?

Asked by josie (28668points) 2 months ago


And this too

And others explaining how the Senate is structured and Senators are chosen.
Don’t they teach this in school anymore?

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I enjoy learning about the governing systems of foreign countries, such as yours.

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Maybe they’re teaching it but people aren’t learning it. There’s a difference.

One of those people would seem to be our president, if this statement in an article I just read is true: “Trump announced on Wednesday that he will instruct Republicans in the Senate to investigate Democrats in the House. ”

Apparently he has still not understood that members of Congress are not his employees and they don’t take orders from him; and that he is not the CEO of the U.S., with 325 million underlings, but a public servant in the executive branch of government. The executive branch is different from and equal to the legislative and judiciary branches. Does he even know this?

Pitting senators and representatives against each other in an endless battle game is, of course, his own contribution to the current madness and not something our Constitution intended.

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I am sure you have an in-depth understanding about the governmental organisation of Kazakhstan.

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Yes, they teach it. But this stuff just doesn’t stick with some kids. I’ve learned about it several times in my years of school. I see nothing wrong with a refresher course.

It’s easy to blame the schools, but it’s really goes back to the individual student and their parents. A certain young lady that I know, who just turned 40, had never heard of the holocaust. Never heard of Auschwitz. Had never heard any of it….and that’s BS. She was taught about it but it just didn’t stick. I guess she forgot it as soon as she learned it.

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My family moved several times. Schools meet curriculum needs at varied paces. As a result, I never had one day of history in school. All the history I know I had to learn on my own. I got lots of language skills and physical science, but not much biology.
It is a good thing, I think, to make information available to those who may have missed out, or maybe forgot.

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You never took a history class in middle school or high school?

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I don’t know how that’s even possible @Patty_Melt. They start teaching it in 2nd grade, and they are required classes in the upper grades. Maybe you just don’t remember them.

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Makes me smile that it’s called the senate, like Roman times, Caesar & the ides of march bollocks.

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No, I didn’t forget them. I remember my first day of kindergarten. I remember learning some of it on after school specials, I know what I am talking about.
I dropped out of hs and took a ged because my credits were so messed up I just wanted it to be over. And, I was in primary school during the sixties. A big chunk of history was just current events then.
I was near forty when my head was damaged, and I have wrestled with regaining memory since, but it was something I was aware of well before that, when my memory was impeccable.
My lowest test score on the ged was in the 98th percentile, of five segments.
When I was joining the military, I took a test well, I can’t go into details, because it required a clearance just to take it. It was brutal. All the questions were on cassette. I had to remember the details of the questions and answer quick or miss the next question. You had to score at least 98% just to pass. I did.
No, my memory is quite accurate. I never studied history in school.

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The articles are useful for those who don’t know how the Senate functions. It’s anybody’s guess how many folks are in that club, but the numbers are probably depressingly larger than most of us suspect.

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