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Did you know that Stan Lee died today?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (13724points) 3 months ago

He was 95.

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Yes, I had heard that late this afternoon. One of my problem children is a HUGE Marvel fan; so, now I’m wondering how the Marvel movies will proceed. I’m sure that we’ll be having long discussions about life & death once he hears the news!!!

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I also heard Joe Perry was taken to the hospital, in pretty bad shape. I still haven’t seen any updates.

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I always enjoyed his by-line: “Stan “The Man” Lee.”
RIP, Dude!

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I heard this morning (for me in Australia) when I was quickly checking facebook. Admittedly I’ve never been a comic or marvel buff, but I’ve always appreciated both comics and the movies. It wasn’t a great way to start the day, hearing about the death of such an amazing man… but you just have to remember that unfortunately it was his time, and boy did he make sure he would never be forgotten

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I was crushed when I heard.
His approach to the characters was revolutionary. They had problems with girlfriends, dandruff, social interaction, and such.
I am sure he already filmed his walk ons for the next three or four Marvel movies. Those will be nice, but a little sad.

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I did hear. Very sad. I can take comfort in the fact that he seemed to have done what he loved, his whole life. Seeing all of the success in recent years with comic book movies, hopefully swelled him with pride, and accomplishment.

Journey well Stan. You will be missed.

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Stan Lee was not his real name.
He did not want his work with comics to be associated with the books he hoped to publish.

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“While Updike and Cheever were doing it in literature, while Kubrick and Lumet and Penn were doing it at the movies, the father of Marvel presented comic-book America with a pantheon of deeply flawed protagonists who, despite their presence in so many tales to astonish, were in many ways just like you and me.”


Comics, specifically Marvel Comics, saved me from my life when I was a kid.

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R.I.P big guy. Lee’s creativity shall live on.

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It is cool he did so many cameos.

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Worry not. They will put a CGI version of him in every movie now.

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I read only a few comicbook characters as a kid. Superman, Batman, Ironman, Iron Fist and Spider-Man. I have Stan the Man to thank for three out of five of those cool superheroes. There’s no getting over them at whatever age. Excelsior!

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Out on our morning walk with my dog & I got a spider web tangled in my face.
Chose to view that as a mark of respect for Stan…coz that’s how I roll.

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I liked that he never seemed to take himself and his fame seriously; always appearing in cameos in the movies based on his characters

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