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Hey, I can track my lineage back to King William III (on my mother’s side). Not sure it really means anything.

Besides, wouldn’t 8th cousins fall outside the theory of six degrees of separation? Meaning that we should all of us expect to be 8th cousins to each other?

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I feel that a genealogist has too much time on their hands. I also feel that at the 8th cousin level, we’re all related to a lot of people.

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Well, seeing as we’re all 20th cousins, I really don’t care

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Someone actually took the time to figure that out?

Is that what they do during a work day? I wonder what Bush really does all day.

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Let me see… Nope, no feelings here.

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too bad he’s not his own grandpa…

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maybe now pepole will start calling Cheney muslim now

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I kind of think the same as most people on this board. Imagine if you were to take your own family and trace it back a few generations, then trace each person you included in that forward to all of their decendants. How many thousands, maybe tens or hundreds of thousands of people would each of us be related to? Law of averages says we’d all probably be related to a LOT of interesting/famous people. This falls completely within the realm of “coincidence”

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I might be related to McCain anyway! My great great great great and so on grandfather William Towne came over in the early 1600’s, and I think McCain was his stable boy….

Because he’s really old.

Lineage really doesn’t mean anything to me.

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♪ ♫ “Its a small world after all…’s a small small world” ♬ ♪

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I am related to billy the kid. Ruuuun!

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8th cousins? Who gives a shit. Can that even be considered “related” in any real and meaningful way? It’s not like they grew up having thanksgiving dinner together.

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Eighth cousins. Wow, that’s not special.

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Poor Barack. Oh well, I know for a fact there are some clunkers in my family tree.

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Oh shit! What were they thinking when they let their great great great great great great great great great (I don’t know how many greats to put, really) great great great grandparents have sex?!?! They should have tried to stop this travisty!

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[comment removed by mossad]

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