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Why disappear my questions?

Asked by Klertt (111points) November 29th, 2018

I have tried to publish two questions since serveral days ago and they just stay for a while.
Then i recive an e-mail that tells me my question needs editting because is too long and too many typos.

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The admins are strict about typos and spelling. That is part of the guidelines of the site:

Writing Standards

In order to use Fluther, you must meet our writing standards. Proper spelling, capitalization, grammar and punctuation are important to us.

All content must:

Use proper English (no txtspk)

Be spelled correctly

Use appropriate punctuation


While these rules may seem strict and arcane, it’s imperative to keeping the level of discourse at the highest quality.

Please give us your very best efforts, and don’t take it personally if you have a question pushed to editing to fix some typos. We’re sticklers.

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@Klertt Don’t feel like the Lone Ranger. I bet most of us here have had questions pulled for similar reasons. Just correct them (maybe shorten them too) and then they can be re-posted.

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@Klertt Pushed to editing does not mean disappear.

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@rojo I did it. I edit them, i short them. And they were not re-posted.

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@flo In fact my questions disappear. I even can not editing them. I had a question that i edit like 4 times, but then disappear.

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@Klertt How long after edited but not re-posted, do we ask the mods? I don’t know.

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