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How did you find Fluther? Or did Fluther find you?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) January 21st, 2009

Were you browsing the internets late at night and stumbled upon Fluther? Suggested to you from a friend? Found it through google searching? I’m hoping for some interesting stories.

I realize it’s been asked already, but I figured it was asked so long ago, not everyone has seen the question. And hopefully get some new people to put in their experience on how they found Fluther.

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I hate to disappoint you, but my story is rather common. I was referred here during the Askville 16 fiasco.

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Lkidkyle1985 showed me this website, I was a bit distracted at the time, and by the 3rd time he linked me to this site, I had to read a few questions until I couldn’t help myself, and had to answer a question or two.

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@omfgTALIjustIMDu haha yeah I just found that one through the links on the right side of the window once you’re looking at a question…I did a search for “how did you find fluther” and it only turned up 2 questions asked nearly a year ago.

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I was sleeping very soundly one night. I heard a slurping noise, which I thought was in my dreams. When I awoke, there was a jellyfish at the end of my bed.

He whispered, “question the answers, answer the questions” as I drifted back to sleep.

The next day, while at my computer at work, I began typing into the URL bar for no apparent reason.

Now I come here every day.

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Looking for the best iTouch apps :D

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We just found each other. It was fate.

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Well, as it so happens, after an exhaustive search, Fluther is the only place where one can find a definitive explanation of the marvelous phenomenon we’ve come to lurve as clicking icebulbs.

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Yes, I suppose you could say I popped randommrdans lurve cherry. I was introduced to fluther when me and my employee were painting some house and this wild looking bug walked out onto a tarp. We took pictures and called the local university but they wanted cash to answer the question. So he said I will just ask fluther. And I was like what the hell is fluther? And well here I am.

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A google search for nfl remote controls brought up a question that I couldn’t refuse to answer.

Do you think this question is like the questions; where were you when Kennedy was shot or where were you during 9/11? Everybody remembers those answers. I can remember vividly how I found fluther, which is just really really weird.

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Last May, Marissa told us about fluther – (on another site, Askville). I joined then, read things, but didn’t post. I liked it, but stuck to reading the questions and answers. Later that year, I came back. I’m still on both, there is something different about fluther, I answer more here than I do on the other site. It’s just nice to answer…no competition.

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I Googled “sites like [that blue joint],” the jellyfish appeared, et voilà! J’suis ici! It’s certainly lurve-ly.

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my hubby showed it to me and I’ve been addicted since

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I went looking for ask-it-here after a long absence and discovered it down. So I did a web search and found a discussion of its demise along with a reference to fluther.

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@johnny0313x: iPhone? What—is it an application or something listed on the phone?

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When the winds swept through AV, a lot of my friends came over here & I was told about fluther. I’m glad I came here. I’ve re-connected with two of my friends whom I’d lost contact with over there & I’m glad to have them back.

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No, before the app store days, people were talking and posting about websites that were optimized for the iphone or web apps. Fluther was one of them and I found it searching a web apps website on my iphone.

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A group of Fluther Witnesses graced my doorstep one fateful Saturday morning. I was a convert from that day forward.

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Tyrant told me about this site

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@AstroChuck: I take it this means you no longer take religious or secular holidays, right? You fluther 365 days a year.

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we found each other.. meant to be

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ads? i cant remember exactly, i use yahoo answer before.

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Heard about it on Floort.

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I’m sure I’ve answered this question before (serious Deja Vu going on) but I’m like several others that have come over from AV. And it has been a much better and more refreshing experience for me here at Fluther.

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I googled a question, the same question someone just posted here

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Google search about my science fair topic…
I started goofing off and typed “mario bros.” (or something) and eventually came across this. Then, I asked it, not knowing about “repeated questions” :). My question is here.

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When my old Q&A site went defunct, I did a Google search and found a link with a list of Q&A sites along with a brief description. I don’t know if I actually visited any of the other sites. The description of Fluther was close to my previous site, a mixture of serious questions, not so serious questions and good fellowship.

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I was told about it at a New Year’s party.

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I remember reading an article on Digg about Mark Bixby designing the site or something to that effect. I came here, and was immediately hooked.

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i came here when yahoo answers did me wrong…fluther stay just how u are we love fluther. Long Lurve The King Fluther!

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I was googling for help with my Sansa Fuze MP3 player and Fluther came and the help came along and now I just enjoy the company…

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I had a question, and tried to find the answer online. One of the sites that came up in my search was fluther. It seemed like a good concept, so I stuck around. My question was never answered though.

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I actually found it on :)

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I also found it on the apple iphone apps page long, long ago.

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I was looking at the T-shirts on Insanely Great Tees and saw the Fluther T-shirt. I loved the shirt but had no clue what Fluther was. So, I decided to visit (mainly so I could buy the T-shirt!). Once I got here, I fell in love with it.

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@suzyq- Best answer yet!

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I spent a month on Askville, where things were so unpleasant that I followed pointers leading here and essentially never went back.

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@Jack79, what question was that?

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Askville was a fine place, then everything went to shit when the drama wars started. I heard about this place from a fellow Askviller, and came to visit. I rarely go back to Askville because that place just sucks.

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Followed my friends from Askville, and found some new ones here. It seems to be a much friendlier place.

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My friend told me about it a while ago, but I never bothered to join because I thought it was like myspace or facebook and did not want another website like that. But, I’ve been browsing and liked it so I joined!

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Funny enough, I found out about Fluther through the tee-shirt website, while looking to buy mac tee-shirt. I have to say, it’s quiet a handy little tool.

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I was looking for a way to create a menuextra SSB for twitter, I stumbled across someone’s screenshot of their dock and on it was a really badass looking Jellyfish which had been labeled in the screenshot at “Fluther”. Naturally I couldn’t help but google Fluther. Here I am. In the process I also recruited @fireinthepriory!

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I found Fluther in the most random way: One fine day I was looking for an application called Fluid, I found it and began to read about it. Then I looked at the pictures they provided about Fluid. For some reason the Fluther icon was pictured there and looked it up because it looked really strange at the time. And that’s how I came to Fluther!

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@bobisho our answers were the exact same haha. We basically rock. I found Fluther via Fluid when I was trying to make a menuextra SSB for Hahlo (as stated above). Craziness.

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Nice! We are the best!

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I Googled something or another and then it was like Holy Shit, what have I wandered into. And then I was like, “What language do the natives speak?” “Do I have any beads?” I realized, I didn’t. I shot off a few rounds but then realized that there was some friendly life. I settled into the closest wigwam and have lost all contact with the world I once knew.

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I like how I capitalized Holy Shit! LMAOAMOJ

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lmaoAMOJ? I don’t get the amoj part. What’s with all this new slang/text/letter talk? It’s confusing people.

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At my own joke.

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As with many other newbies I heard about Fluther through I love question and answer sites and was originally a member of Bolt (which soon became Bolt2) before it closed down. I used to love the “tagbooks” there and so when that closed down I needed another “tme waster” website hereI could ask and answer :)

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@Leanne1986, what are tagbooks?

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through @essieness.

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I found Fluther

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I asked Google a question and someone on Fluther had asked the very same question – and got some great answers!

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Twas the month before April, and all through the Web,
Not a creature was stirring, was dead.

I knew not what to do, nor where to go,
so I followed some sea-weed, who knew where to flow.

I came upon this place, so inviting and wet,
Met some lovely jellies, and have no regrets.

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Someone on another website I used to belong to posted a link and asked if anyone had heard of, knew of or was a member of fluther so I came, I lurked, I poked around and here I am.

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I honestly have no idea! I guess Fluther found me!

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@IBERnineD Glad it did, my lil SM

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@zen….. @VzzBzz There was this fire. See. Bad fire. Then there was this earthquake, see. A 20 on the Richter scale. Then there was this tornado see. A 7 on the Fujita scale. And then….there we all were, wandering in the wilderness, like the Israelite without a home. And then…as the last embers, that had been swept miles away were dying down someone whispered “Fluther” with their last dying breath. We said, “Does anybody know what the hell he’s talking about? What the hell is a Fluther??” because in spite of the tragedy we STILL had to ask questions in a y/n format. And then the word, “Fluther, Fluther” started whispering over the land and THEN!!!!! INVASION OF THE WIS.DMRS!!!!! Thanks for opening your doors guys (like you had any choice, ha ha!) Most of you have been just wunnerful. Thanks.

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A friend told me about it

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@Dutchess12: I haven’t a clue what you’re talking about. When I opened an acct. on fluther, there was only 1 other person I recognized here. I don’t feel like a refugee or an invader. This site has some really great things going for it and the only problems I’ve had so far have been from people. Go figure.

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@jessicar who is your friend? out of curiosity. My friend that showed me is Lkidkyle1985.

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Heard about Fluther over on Askville, like many others have . . .

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found it randomly googling things…and now i am addicted. ^_^

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Wanted to ask a question about a relationship. lame I am.

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Addendum to my previous answer.

Yes, I heard about Fluther over on Askville. Before that, I found Askville because I was trying to find a book for a friend, and I went there to ask a question. Before that, I became friends with that person through a group of people who meet for lunch where I work. I started working here and met those people because I worked with one of those people at my previous job, and she called me and got me an interview when my previous company made some layoffs. I got the job at my previous company when I was in college, and the VP of Operations of the company came up to talk to me because his wife was distantly related to someone she’d never met who happened to have the same last name as me.

As with most things in life, I arrived at Fluther on through a long string of cause-and-effect incidents.

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I was “stumbling” one day and “Stumbled upon” Fluther. Took the bait and have been hooked since.

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the person promoting the fluid app for macs had an image of the fluther icon amongst others on his desktop/dock….did a search….wouldn’t have found it yet otherwise….might not use yahoo answers now and not need a yahoo account… longer using yahoo email….don’t yet know how good, how thorough fluther is in comparison….will have to explore! this has a more entertaining feel…too many sites = too many passwords/usernames….

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I am proud to admit Fluther found me! I was doing a Google search and the question I asked was asked and answered on Fluther.

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@ShanEnri what question was it?

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The question was “how to get something out of my eye”. It was very helpful!

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i was referred by Doggywuv from where nothing happens cause everyones put everyone else on ignore.

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iPhone app.

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I liked the jelly fish picture on the icon in the app store!

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I typed “Gifts for the man who doesn’t want anything” into my search engine (looking for a b’day gift for my Dad), and a Fluther topic with almost the exact same wording was the #1 result. That was 7 hours ago. I’m running out of time on that gift. At least I found an awesome site, though.

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Just found it during one of my random google searches, all other sites I visit now pale in comparison.

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My wife started becoming unresponsive on IM and e-mail, the reason it turns out was Fluther. Now I’m stuck. It seems to be more contagious than the swine flu.

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i was looking for information on the LHC sabotage from the future story, and fluther was the second link down.

at first i thought it was a blog with comments, but then realized it was an answers site and decided to stick around.

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A friend and I always talk about.. Why does it take men forever to poo!? I googled it and found this website. End of story. haha

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@pinkparaluies what was the answer you found? I can’t seem to find a question pertaining to why it takes men so long to play pool.

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to poo. Not to play pool.

RandomMrdan's avatar

oh, it takes me a mere 2 minutes to take a poo…though, it might take an upward of 5 minutes or so depending on my diet the day prior….

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someone complained that they were leaving forever from Answerbag and I clicked the link.. and poof I was here.

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A little birdie whispered in my ear.

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A day prior to my doctor’s appointment to discuss my anxiety issues, I Googled “How can Xanax help me?” and I found this site.

I have to say, finding the site has been a better panacea for distracting my mind than taking any prescription meds!

iLove (lurve) Fluther!

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I was doing a BING search on Brittany Murphy and I found this site.. So Glad I did this is AWESOME..

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googled a question and it showed up on fluther

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@chelle21689 what was the question you googled?

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It showed up when I googled a geek question. The rest is history.

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I actually was a faithful sodahead, but that site just got dumber as time went by. So I got tired of it and asked a question on if there were any similar sites. This was one of my answers. I am so glad I found you , fluther.

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I was invited by a Contact from another forum.

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I saw it on an answer to a question on another question site Answerbag and thought I’d check it out. I hate all the other answer sites now.

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I have absolutely no idea how I found Fluther. I think that my husband wishes that I hadn’t, but I stick around as long as I can read, type, access a computer!

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I found it while I was searching out answers on Google, particularly of the bathroom usage persuasion on a particularly rough IBS day.

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I was trying to figure out what to do late at night, when my Jelly in Shining Armour came along and swept me off of my feet. This was just last night.

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fluther showed up in a google search for something else.

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I can’t remember but I know I stumbled upon it through browsing the internet. Fluther, you had me at hello.

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I voiced my frustration over what’s not happening at AV and it was suggested I check Fluther out, this is more like it! :)

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I think I read something about Fluther on Quora which I found on via a recommendation of a friend on facebook.
Now, of course, Quora has been relegated to second place whilst facebook is a poor third!
Fluther is brilliant and my knowledge of things I never knew I wanted to know about is going sooo well!

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Askville then to here then fb then here again

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A whole bunch of us from Answer Bag migrated together when the powers that be decided to trash the place with really ‘toopid changes.

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Came over when went under. Thanks for taking me in.

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I found Fluther through a Google search and checked it out. I am just new here and kind of feel like a fish out of water because I am not familiar with the site, yet. The question and answer site that I have been participating in seems to be turning into a troll fest and users targeting other users, am getting tired of it.

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Someone asked a question at another “expert” site. Another member found the same question had been asked here. I came over to browse around earlier today… liked what I saw (including at least one refugee from the site I wandered over from).

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I was an Answers fan…that is until Verizon ruined it. I did a search for similar Q&A sites & was referred to a page that gave the top 10. I went through each one listed seeing what they had to offer. When I got to Fluther, I knew I had to join. Within the first few questions, I had life experiences that I felt I could make a positive contribution.

Not sure who found whom; but I’m glad I did the search as it seems that it was a “meant to be” moment!!!

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