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Insignificant Inquiries (1): The Loving In Instagram?

Asked by rebbel (33254points) December 9th, 2018

In Insignificant Inquiries today:

When you “Like/Love” a post, while scrolling the feed, do you double tap the image, or single tap the heart symbol?

And have you ever accidentally ‘liked’ a photo of yourself?
If so, did you let it, or did you ‘unlike’ it asap?

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I hover, man, until the symbol options come up.

And yes I have accidentally liked a photo of myself because it was a super good picture, and yes I quickly unliked it, even though I actually still like it.

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Since I usually use social media on my computer rather than my phone, I click the heart. On the phone, I’d probably double tap the image since it’s a much larger target than the heart. All that said, I don’t check my Instagram feed very often (I mostly just go directly to my kids’ accounts every now and again).

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I don’t see a reason to like photos; it gets saved in nowhere.
But thinking of it by now, it can be just a social interaction like; “I saw you!”?

“And have you ever accidentally ‘liked’ a photo of yourself?”
Yes! Sometimes one of my sixteen personalities likes to flirt with another.

“If so, did you let it, or did you ‘unlike’ it asap?”
Edwina’s think it doesn’t gives a good vibe.

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^^Did Answerbag die again?

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I don’t see why you think I die more than one time a life, I am just sixteen people at once.

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