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Would the Titanic have survived if the iceberg was struck head on?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (14218points) January 9th, 2019

Instead of turning and striking lengthwise? That only one bulkhead would have been damaged rather then 5 bulkheads?

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The problem was that the internal divisions were open at the top.
So once one compartment was full, it flowed over into the next.

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Maybe !
The side was ripped open and the water entered both open top and closed compartments.

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I’ve heard that question posed before and the answer is yes, it could have. The ship was designed to survive with one or two flooded compartments. (I don’t have the details here in front of me but the info about how many flooded compartment it could handle is readily available.) It was the ship hitting at a glancing blow that opened up too many compartments to avoid sinking.
Want to read a good book about the ship? Find a copy of “Maiden Voyage.” (I’ve read it but don’t know the author or printer. The copy I read was in paperback form.)

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I agree with those who say it could have. Even if it had ripped into the one bulkhead at the front of the ship, I think she ship could have managed the tilt that would have caused.

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I have heard this discussion before, and I agree, yes, it could have, and I think everyone could have survived. I also think everyone could have survived the sinking had there been more lifeboats or if the boats had been filled to capacity.

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