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What do people like best in windows: all wood, aluminum on the outside, or vinyl on the outside?

Asked by skfinkel (13506points) July 28th, 2007

I'm replacing windows in a small all cedar cottage, and it seems that all wood windows and doors are an anomoly. So I'm considering other options--these are premade windows.

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I terms of the decor you have, it sounds as though wood would be best. But I'd imagine that it is not the most durable or efficient, hence its poor availability. Aren't Anderson windows available with wood?
Pella windows, too:

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I replaced the windows at my parent's cottage. I went with wood windows but replaced the siding with vinyl. Was happy with the result.

If it has real cedar shingles it would seem strange to me to introduce a synthetic material in the windows. Wood would make sense I think.

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alumnium last forever and no maintence

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I have pella all wood awning windows, and have had warpage problems. I would not recommend them. Aluminum is the most durable.

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i personally am a fan of vinyl, as they really do last a very long time, look much better than aluminum, have some texture to them, and look nice if you ever end up needing to paint them to match.

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i say stay away from vinyl. it is the most toxic plastic on earth. check out

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