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Trump has declared a national emergency to secure wall funds. Was this the right thing to do?

Asked by Demosthenes (5944points) 1 month ago from iPhone

Does this set a precedent for declaring an emergency for the wrong reasons?

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Probably not and probably yes

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Nope, it was not the right thing to do.

The courts will have to decide if a policy disagreement with Congress is an emergency. If the courts hold up the administration’s claims, it means any President could declare any disagreement as a National Emergency.

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First step to authoritarian rule.

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Of course not. In his mind its the right thing for HIM to look important and as if he is the only wise person in the room who the public should accepts all of his decisions?
I bet the media and reporters are fact checking quickly the supposed facts that he is notoriously known for bending for his own gain.

His prediction of the Court process is just that, HIS manipulation and explanation to HIS fan base, in case they lose interest along the way.

Meanwhile he manipulates the entire process and the Public’s confidence in Governments and future Presidents.

He was congratulating himself via mentioning that Japan’s leader sent a five page letter portraying that Trump should get the Nobel Peace prize!

He is a gloating person who shamefully informs via media that HE wants to be seen as a Hero,wise person etc ( he seeks validation).

This is not a humble leader helping people, he is rather a self centered man who just happens to be in the limelight and serving as a President.

His whole speech was a campaign to convince all of us the merits of his decisions.

A person that knows that he is right would NOT need to keep repeating his reasons, it would be clear the first time.

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I agree with the decision but I will admit, Trumps speech this morning was the worst I’ve ever heard. Declaring a national emergency is nothing new or uncommon. It has been used more than 50 times and if congress wants to retract that power, they can. They just need to pass some legislation to do so (Fat chance). Obama moved billions to Iran for his nuclear treaty and congress was not involved nor did anyone call it a constitutional crisis. But since Trump is doing it, it becomes one. Stop the flood of illegal immigration and I’ll be OK with it.

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No. But, hey, it’s just money. (Which is exactly what the monkey said when he peed in the cash register.)

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Trump declared a national emergency? Great! Was it for one of these emergencies…

- global climate change
– The US involvement in the coup in Venezuela, headed by a war criminal
– The fact that millions of no access to healthcare in the US
– The US support and involvement in Saudi crimes in Yemen
– The mistreatment of asylum seekers and the terrorizing of immigrant communities by ICE

Let me go check…

Oh, it’s none of these. Rather, it is in support for a wall, which is merely an monument to xenophobia. Makes sense.

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Of course not.
Dad Rather said “I’m old enough to remember when “national emergency” actually meant an emergency to the nation and not an emergency to a damaged politico ego.”

This is interesting, guys.

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@kritiper the monkey said, “This stuff runs into money.” He did. Really. Best of all, it’s not even HIS money. It’s ours. He could care less.

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National Emergency was “the Day of Infamy” not a campaign promise for the “Forth Graders” and big money backers like the Koch brothers & Putin (he must own several of the greens & holes at Trump’s Golf Courses with his loans).

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Got to agree with whoever said that if you want to slow down unwanted immigration go after the ones who are hiring them. Eliminate that source of funding and you will see the flow slow down dramatically.
Until we see that happening (and that will be, um, never) everything anyone says about securing the border is plain ol’ bullshit.

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But they are such hard workers. They do the jobs no one else will do.

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Capitalists don’t want to stop immigration. They want an extremely vulnerable population of workers that won’t talk back, unionize, or demand any rights or correct pay due to fear of deportation.

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I live in North Carolina, last year my farmer friends were having a difficult time getting legal or illegal workers to harvest the fields, some produce was left to rot in the fields. The legals didn’t want to be hassled by I.C.E.

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@hmmmmmm, but what is the alternative to working in the US, legally or illegally? What is waiting for them in Mexico?

Wasn’t there a time when Mexican citizens could legally come across the border to harvest, and then go back home after harvest? Can they still do that?

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The Supreme Court will overturn it.

@Jaxk Obama didn’t spend billions on the Iran deal. That was their money, which was frozen by us.

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Of course it’s a horrible precedent, but the one fortunate aspect regarding Trump is that he is thus far assured the trophy as the all time low water mark for Presidents. Future Presidents will be wary of repeating ANYYHING inviting comparison with this or that Trumpism. By the time the poor fool is done away with the disgrace will be such that his very name will be regarded as slanderous

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Why do those same old rumors keep coming up time and time again? The one about “Obama spent billions on the Iran deal,” when it’s been said, and proven, a thousand times that he did not.

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Simply ‘cause the rumor pusher can’t tie their own shoes and hope the followers of Trump can’t tie theirs either.
The Syria pull-out by the “Stable Genius” has been sunk by the Top US General because ISIS is growing not shrinking.

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Doesn’t “But Obama did it” sound like the adult equivalent to “I know you are but what am I?”

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It’s not only wrong, it’s a dangerous thing to do. Politically moronic and desperate. This golfer needs to be impeached.

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