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Who do you think will be Prez in '08?

Asked by josh (17points) November 13th, 2006
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Does anyone know anything about Gov. Vilsack?
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I don't think Vilsack is considered a major possibility at the moment (although anything can happen).
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The prohibitive favorites for the Dem. and Rep. nominations are Hillary Clinton and John McCain. If Barack Obama runs, he might have a shot at the Dem. nomination.
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If McCain gets through the primaries, he'll be very likely to win.
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McCain will not win the GOP nomination because the Christian Right does not like him and there will be other much more conservative candidates (like Brownback and Romney) who will siphon those votes away from him.
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As for Vilsack, he will likely win Iowa (his home state), but that win will be discounted since he was Gov. of Iowa. This makes it easier for other Dems to skip Iowa and focus on NH.
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I really like Edwards. I think the good-looking thing is more critical to getting elected than we'd all like to think. and a Southerner!
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I think initially the president will be Hillary Clinton. She will then be assassinated and replaced by her vice-president, Barack Obama. It is then we discover his middle name is "Damien" and he's the AntiChrist. On a serious note, I've seen a series of polls that suggest, at least for right now, Guiliani would beat anybody from either party. I honestly wouldn't be surprised to see a Clinton/Obama (or Obama/Clinton) ticket on the Democratic side of things.
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McCain Guiliani
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Clinton/Obama is what I'm thinking too. Would he be interested in being her Vice Pres? I don't think she would want to be Vice.
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I agree: McCain/Guiliani
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obama won't run - $20 says he won't this time around. next time, maybe, but not this time, i don't think. McCain/Guiliani have both already announced.. there's that New Mexico Gov, who's name i can't remember - he'll run, and he's got a chance, too
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I don't think Obama (did you know his middle name is Hussein?) would possible want to run for Prez with Hillary running for Veep. He would get whiplash from looking over his shoulder and ya gotta sleep sometime. I don't see Hillary ever being second banana again.
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I think Obama because the amount of money he is getting from people. It will give me a significant advantage with advertising.

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