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How do you get into NYU?

Asked by tp (175points) February 28th, 2019

Other than GPA and SAT scores, what are some other qualities or anything else that you should possess?

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Schools like NYU want a diverse student body that has demonstrated the ability to do things outside of the classroom. Perform in theTer, make a film, develop an app, create a business.

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Strong academic credentials, demonstrated initiative and indépendence, passion and good writing skills.

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Also cash… NYU is expensive, so have a pile of $$ available, get scholarships, or expect to come out with a large student debt.

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NYU is very expensive- as I well know – but they do have a lot of money for scholarships. I wouldn’t let the price stop you until you see the final offer. ButI would go to a state school over a private if it meant you didn’t have to take out hefty loans.

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Don’t forget being a legacy. That helps. ;)

The fact is these schools are going to get a plethora of applicants with perfect GPAs and test scores, so they’re going to then look at everything else: extracurriculars, ambition (especially self-motivation), personality (as much as they can gauge it), etc. NYU’s admit rate is about 20%, so it’s not as much of a long shot as Stanford or Harvard, but you’re going to have make yourself stand out.

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