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Suppose reincarnation actually existed...?

Asked by raum (3417points) 2 weeks ago from iPhone

And you were given a choice of three things to keep from this life. What would they be?

You can’t say “my brain”.

Do you request to be human again? Do you request to be with a loved one? Would @ucme request to keep his butler?

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EGAD! And all the people who were here before would be here with all the people who are here now. As if it isn’t messed up NOW!
I always said I would come back as a prized racing stallion.

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Internet, mom, and Fluther.

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I’d like to be a dog who could read, watch movies and live in my house.

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I’d like to be a basset hound who could read comics, watch Marvel movies, and live in a penguin’s house.

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@cookieman I suspect you’d like to be able to eat chocolate chip cookies too!

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The brain thing blows it, because it is my memories that I treasure most. But second to that, I would choose something that I fear I’ve wasted a lot in this life, and that is a long streak of phenomenally good fortune.

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Oh, I’d love that! If there was any magic I could believe in, it would be that! I’d want to be a human again but….do I get to decide what circumstances I would be born into? Do I get to pick my parents?

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I get my dog Jessie, best dog ever.
I get my youngest brother. Best brother ever.
I get my 2nd car, a 1972 MGB.

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@janbb: You could certainly toss in a cookie or three.

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^^ As long as i’m not tossing my cookies.

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I’d request to reconnect with my husband, my parents, & my favorite dog who have all passed before my time!!!

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I want to be with my husband again. When I joke about it he shakes his head side to side, and says no way, and smiles. It could be married, or best friends, or siblings. I feel like his soul is supposed to be close to mine.

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Just let me have the memory from this life.

The big problem with reincarnation is the fact that when you are reincarnated, you lose all memory of your past life (or lives). If you don’t bring your memory into your new life then the old you is essentially dead. If the old you is dead then reincarnation never happened.

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Some who have claimed to be reincarnated say they don’t remember every detail of their past life; however, they do remember bits & pieces as time goes by in their new life.

My ex believed that Earth is actually Hell & our soul is sent here to learn a lesson. IF you die & have learned your lesson, you go straight to Heaven; however, IF you die without learning your lesson, your soul is returned to earth in a different vessel to continue learning. You just keep repeating living in Hell/earth until you finally learn your lesson & then…& only then…do you get to die & enter Heaven for eternity.

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I gifted you a GQ despite your impudence, which is tantamount to a pay rise for my butler, be grateful ;-}
To answer your question, no, he would not be retained because there are always adequate replacements available if one knows where to source them.
I would bring my son, my daughter & the saucy maid from below stairs…obviously.

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I sure wouldn’t want the regrets I have from this life!
It would be nice to have that girl from the 5th and 6th grade as my friend again, and have my old dog back, and my ‘56 Pontiac.

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