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Do people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder who hoard things also hoard disk space?

Asked by Mr_M (7621points) August 24th, 2008

For some people with OCD, one of the symptoms is hoarding, i.e., they don’t throw anything away. In extreme cases, you can’t even walk through their homes. In this techno-savy world, do they demonstrate the same symptoms when it comes to their disk space or iPod? Do they never clear them out due to the OCD?

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i would have to say yes. some people like to cling to old random things because of the memories etc etc
i used to save stupid pictures to my computer and then never delete them just because i still thought they were funny and was afraid i’d never see it again. same with songs. i still have a hard time deleting crappy songs from my computer that i never even listen to, just because the band isn’t even together anymore and i don’t want to forget about them or anything. i dunno. i don’t do it as much nowadays. i’m much better than my sister at least… that girl is absolutely ridiculous.

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Well I’m not sure it counts, but I know people who seem a bit OC about their backups and multiple redundancy…..

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I for one am a bit OCD, and I have noticed that I keep songs on my Ipod that I don’t even listen to.

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I’m guessing that this hoarding behavior carries over. @general specific, do you hoard objects too? Same with you, @aanuszeki.

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I’m a bit OCD, and it’s true to an extent, except that because of the OCD I randomly get these, well, organizational “manias” if you will. That’s when I am so intent on everything being perfect and spotless that I go on wild rampages and delete tons of things I don’t use or forgot about.

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@Mr M, only some objects. but yes, a lot of random things i don’t need. especially old homework and school papers/projects. but sometimes when i clean my room i get in certain moods where i can throw nearly anything away and those days usually help

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@Mr. M

oh yes, most defiantly

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@poof I’m right there with you. I keep a lot of things, but then I go on OCD fueled rampages where everything that I don’t immediately need, gets tossed.

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