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Do you wear a necklace that you rarely take off and what is it?

Asked by Harper1234 (857points) March 25th, 2019

as stated

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I have a 16 inch diamond cut (not diamond) gold necklace that I’ve been wearing for over 20 years.

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I’ve been wearing a necklace with a silver St. Bonafice Cross (of Celtic and Scandinavian history)—associated with when a Celtic saint, St. Bonafice brought Christianity into Scandinavia. I’ve been wearing it since 1989.

It came from a company in England called Past Times. I’ve lost this cross a few times for several months at a time, so finally got in the habit of always wearing it and inspecting the chain so that it doesn’t come undone or break.

I associate it with times when I was working towards a college and later a seminary degree, in college writing a dissertation on West Norden (the region where this type of Christianity spread) —times when I thought all my research and scholarly labors would eventually lead to a College Professor position. But today I;m just ecking out my survival on Social Security Disability. The cross reminds me of better times, and that I could do them again,

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I wore a gold chain with a kartouche my mother bought in the souk in Cairo from the time I was 20 until I got married at 35. (My ex didn’t like it, but she loved the chain which was a rare find in the U.S.).

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No, but I have a gold figaro chain bracelet on my left wrist that I’ve worn for two years. I took it off only for surgery and to have the clasp repaired.

What made you ask?

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I have a little tiny silver cross necklace that i got from my mom after she died .She wore very little jewelry and I only saw her with the cross on a few times. The chain is so thin but was intact when i got it. Of course I wore it and chain broke. Something mystical about that cross because I have lost it and found it 3–4 times. Even sucked it up in the vacuum and raised the vacuum up to get it off the carpet and onto the hardwood and the cross fell out. I could hardly believe my eyes. It is stuck with a push pin on my bulletin board. Would LOVE to wear it but don’t know a way to unless I get another tiny chain…..and I doubt that would last. Anyone here a jeweler? This cross has power.

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The cross I mentioned, @Harper1234 —it also has been lost many times, Sometimes it was misplaced and I searched the entire house for it. Other times, People have found it in my driveway and similar places even when it has been lost for weeks. It was also found in the garbage disposal once by my mother, and I once found it in a rain-flooded parking lot at a rent-a-car place a day after it had been lost and I had returned a rental car there.

The times this cross was lost were all EXTREMELY stressful, And finding it was extremely unlikely, so I don’t care to repeat any of these experiences. But it has always been found, and I have been wearing it now for some months without taking it off, even in the shower.

I really liked reading about your experiences with the cross you wear. I have been there.

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With me, jewelry can be somewhat dangerous. Like rings and bracelets. Short out a 12 volt automotive battery and get a nasty burn. Or get the ring hung up on something and lose a finger. The only necklace type thing I ever wore for any length of time was a common bead chain with my dog tags.

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