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If a car's registration is past due, do the fees apply in another state?

Asked by CupOfTee19 (5points) April 2nd, 2019

For example: I am in contact with a man in California (where I currently live) about purchasing a vehicle from him (specifically an RV). Later this month, I am moving to Nevada and want to take said RV with me.

I’m not well versed in DMV law though, so I’m not sure what to make of his claims about the RV.

He says the tags were last paid in 2015, in Oregon, but that there aren’t any fees in CA (or Nevada for that matter) because it was never registered there.

Is this accurate? If I purchase this RV and then register it in Nevada, will I be free from back registration fees?

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To get a clean title, you will have to be up to date in Oregon. Oregon won’t process anything until the back registration is paid. Nevada won’t process your title until it is clean from Oregon.

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You need a title for the RV.

Vehicle in California with a Oregon plate is only interesting, you still need a title for Oregon where it was last registered. There maybe past due property taxes but that is his name.

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