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How do I wash a silk pillowcase?

Asked by emilyrose (2269points) August 25th, 2008

I got some marker on my silk pillowcase from Ikea. I don’t know how to wash it. Can I put stain stick on it?

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No. You’ll have to take it to a drycleaner to get it out.

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Windblow is pretty much on the money. The spotting kit a drycleaner is likely to have is pretty elaborate and they can do wonders. Find a place that’s been around awhile and also does alterations on premises. If they have a dedicated person who does alterations, chances are they are also the spotting masters.

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Not quite. The people who do the spotting are the ones who run the cleaning machinery. A vast majority of garments that come in are ultimately spotted…just to help loosen the dirt particles so that the cleaning machine can get it out more efficiently. Alterations people usually just sew buttons and modify clothing…they usually get garments after they’ve been cleaned.

Ink is a very tricky thing to get out of clothing as it can easily be set into fabrics. Basically what the cleaner will do is pour some chemical on the stain and treat it with steam; being careful not to hit it too hard with the steam, or the ink will set and be forever in the fabric.

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try blotting it with a wet towel then hand dry it

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A really honest cleaner will tell you if they can get it out and will send you home to your OxyClean if they can’t.

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I’m too lazy to go to a drycleaner : ) It’s also not very nice or anything so I don’t care THAT much if I screw it up…..

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Just try water washing it and let it hang dry. Wash cold. No detergent or softener.

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Baby shampoo and a little vinegar in Cold water. The Vinegar helps retain the shine. At least thats what Mom says. The only silk I have is in Ties and who washes them?

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