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Do I really need an anti-virus software for just using Gmail, YouTube , Fluther?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (16737points) May 15th, 2019

I’m an anti-vaxxer. My POS Chromebook isn’t worth the $40 and Is on its last legs? I do however have it for my new PC that I got in January.

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I don’t have any space for it anyway. My chromebook and smartphone are out of space.

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Do a sweep / clean.

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@Dutchess_lll My subscription has expired. So I can’t. I will save up for a new smart phone and laptop… if I really need it. I also have no room for updates… so It’s a moot point.

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No, you don’t, unless you click on active email content from strangers, such as attachments. And you certainly don’t need to and probably should not run anti-virus software in active mode in most circumstances. Anti-virus software often messes up a computer more than an actual virus does. The main way to get viruses is to click on an email attachment from a scammer, or visit particularly bad web sites, or download and run programs that are corrupt(ed).

Oh, and if you’re using a Chromebook, you shouldn’t need to care, as you’re supposed to be able to wipe & restore even if it does get infected.

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@Zaku I am resetting my chromebook now. Warning Fluther just in case it messes up my computer. My network keeps signing me out.

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I’m of the opinion that you need anti-virus software even IF it is only to breathe!!! I say err on the side of caution & get it. As bad as it would be to lose your computer most of the new software will also assist in protecting your personal info. I think that you can use CCleaner for FREE. There’s a way to download the exe file to a flash drive & not have to install it on your computer & Google Play has it available for FREE for the android phones & I think they have it available for the iPhones also. I worry more about the ransomware attacks than the viruses now days!!! I was attacked by ransomware once & it’s NOT fun. Don’t know exactly what I did but I did finally get it unlocked. I doubt that I’d be that lucky twice!!!

Don’t know that you “have to have it”; however, I prefer to do everything I can to prevent the inevitable!!!

Oh, btw, CCleaner can free up space on your computer. I regained 3 gig just today. I had a busy week last week & I think it reclaimed 9 gig last week. It is possible to delete some things you want to keep, so you have to be careful. Once you get used to it, it’s really not that bad!!!

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Update. I sold it for $20 bucks and $80 worth of services to assemble my bookshelves and more when I buy them.

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