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What are some facts, or skills , that you have problems learning that others seem to be able to master easy?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (19445points) May 19th, 2019

I have problems learning the left and right hand rules in physics. Also tying my shoes. I have been slipping them on for 30 years. I also don’t know how to parallel park. I don’t know how to spell confession. I also don’t know how to square time in a calculation. I Google words all the time to correct my spelling.

Humor and deep truth welcome.

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I have problems learning accounting. I’ve had ONE accounting job and it was a bad match, though I DID learn how to do financial reports. I want to start my own business but cannot handle the business detail.

Another, well, I’m really bad with cell phone / smart phone technology and all the affiliated technology, like bluetooth. It is odd that I am so technically inept because in the 1980s I HAD a cell phone and was computer literate, way ahead of the times.

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@Yellowdog I failed accounting twice. I don’t know what the difference between a debit and a credit.

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I’m also really bad with foreign languages. I’ve always wanted to learn German or a Nordic language, or Esperato,

In college, I couldn’t get through the language requirements, so I opted to do a few dissertations. They were really graduate level material, and I hate that I did not save them for publication or future research.

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Math. It has always been difficult for me.

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Well….I was one of those assholes who did well at everything I tried. In school I learned if I studied for a test I’d get an A. If I didn’t study I’d get a C. A C was good enough for me.
When I went to college the second time around, when it.was serious, I graduated with a 3.75. (Math teacher was a jerk. There were a lot of complaints about him. Petty sure they let.him go after that semester.)
The ONLY thing I could never master is slalom skiing. God I was so pissed!

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I have trouble learning to speak a foreign language. The written words are easy, but not the spoken.

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I have always had trouble learning and remembering how to to tie useful knots. My kindergarten report card mentioned that i could not tie my shoes!

Recently, I have been working on relearning and mastering useful knots like: bowline, clove hitch, constrictor knot, sheet bend, taut line hitch, etc.
I can do them and remember for two or three days but the info leaks out of m head unless i do it frequently.

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^^^ wait. Are you telling us you flunked Boyscouts @LuckyGuy?? Can I have your autograph?

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@Dutchess_lll I flunked beavers, because I didn’t have any money to put in the beaver money jar. Once I had a quarter and I gave it. Apparently wasn’t enough.

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Wait…I have a bit of a time with right and left. And if you tell me to head east or turn north or go south or go west I will stomp on your foot.

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@Dutchess_lll Beavers is the beginning before Boy scouts in Canada . Mostly t-ball in a school gym. It was made clear from them that I wasn’t wanted.

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Well they are assholes and you aren’t.

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I was never good at spamming. But some can canvass the whole board in one night, eighty something times. I guess the reason I’m not good at it is, it would be a very boring job that would screw up a lot of websites for people who use them legitimately.

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