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Guys: When you were a kid, 12 years old or younger, did a girl or girls ever take up for you or defend you? Or, for that matter, did a girl ever bully you?

Asked by Yellowdog (12216points) May 29th, 2019

Roles are kind of changing nowadays.

But some guys feel it’s ignoble if a girl defends you or takes up for you, physically or in a verbal situation, or a situation where you are bullied.

Guys are supposed to be able and ready to fight for themselves.

Girls took up for me quite a bit when I was In elementary school and was picked on by other kids.

I think its ALWAYS best if a bullied person does not have to fend for themselves and someone will make a case for you and defend you.

There also was a really mean girl when I was in sixth grade, maybe more than one, who I was genuinely afraid of because they bullied me. but you never hear about this because guys are ashamed to admit it. No, I don’t think she secretly liked me. Though we have become friends nowadays through class reunions and FACEBOOK.

No guy wants to admit that a girl defended them or stood up for them, or that a girl actually bullied them. However, I was really grateful when a girl stood up for me.

Not sure how people feel about this nowadays, or if any guys will admit it. Guys, even adults, still have a stigma of shame even if they were well defended.

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As a girl I don’t recall ever being in a position to defend a guy. I also never needed defending at that age, that I can remember.
In high school I defended a new student against the whole girl’s PE class.

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Despite being a very small kid, I was never physically bullied in school, but I can think of an instance where a girl defended me against a boy who was picking on me for the reason that I had a lot of friends who were girls. At that moment, the teacher overheard and stepped in so I’m not sure what would’ve happened if he had been able to respond to her, but the issue was dropped afterward and never picked up again. Aside from that, can’t think of any other examples. There were girls who did very annoying things to me, but it was because they liked me and it didn’t reach the level of bullying, it was just obnoxious.

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A girl that I thought hated me, checked on me once. After I got my assignment kicked, and was just still laying on the ground. I wasn’t so beat up, as ashamed it happened in front of a lot of people.
She was a popular girl. Maybe a cheerleader. She never said a word to me before, or after….

It was very rare for anyone to stick up for me, in school. I got bullied a LOT. Then when I turned 16, I got a summer job moving freight in a warehouse, and gained about 30 lbs of muscle. Got trained in boxing, and later MMA. I wasn’t the best fighter, but held my own against multiple guys a few times, until they gave up. I grew better at fighting each time. After I finally got through with high school, I never got bullied again, and got way bigger, by lifting weights for many years.

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My two older sisters use to frequently bully me physically and verbally. Don’t recall them ever defending me.

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