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I want to find a general contractor who can build a pedestrian concrete bridge. Where can I find some?

Asked by thomaselvin (9points) June 1st, 2019

30 feet long, the design is ready.

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Where are you?

Who did the design (Professional Engineer) ?

Who is going to use the bridge, city sidewalk traffic or mall?

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Residential footbridge. Designed by a professional person. The bridge is going to be used for a Private family.

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The term is Professional Engineer, a person that can sign off on designs and blueprints and is certified by the state.
Still need to know your location.

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The design is approved by the city. And I want to find GC from Bay Area.

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Earthquake territory !
Here are the top five from 2016 for Greater Bay Area Contractors it will cost you $75.00 for complete list.

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Contact a local concrete company. The Yellow Pages may help.

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Thank you, I will hve a try of your recommendations.

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