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Anyone want to go streaking through the empty halls of the chat rooms?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (18558points) June 28th, 2019

No one is ever there and no one will know!
I have a big bottle of Vodka to help us get started.
So lets 1–2-3 streak.

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You bring it then.
I am only bringing the Vodka.

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Oh come on you guys we can’t just argue all day about Trump, we need to cut loose a bit and relax, and the chat halls are always empty, what a great place for a streaking party, and maybe some might even bring pancakes.

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i no longer have the ability t streak; however, I will gladly stroll the halls with you. I gave up booze over 40 years ago but i don’t need booze to get nekked!!! I will warn you before we step out that my birthday suit has grown very wrinkled over the years & NO amount of ironing is going to make it look any better!!! IF you can’t handle wrinkles, I suggest that you close your eyes for a few…HAPPY FRIDAY one & ALL!!!

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Hey that is the spirit @LadyMarissa thanks.

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I am there on and off.

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I’ve never even tried the chat rooms. I think they fell out of repair/maintenence, because I used to see threads about them every now and then.

Seems like a cold place to streak…

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Can we wear masks? I wouldn’t want anyone to know who I was.
(No booze for me, I fall down enough as it is…)

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Go ahead what ever fills yer boots.

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Is anyone in there now?

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Hey Rusty Nail, I thought you hairy arsed trucker types had radio for that & besides, I have nothing to say to you sugar…Candy Cane signing off.

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I streaked through last night!

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^^ Too bad you didn’t make it Saturday night when the halls were jamming!!! I was having a GREAT time until we had a thunderstorm come through & I lost power for a while. By the time I made it back, everybody was passed out from the vodka they had consumed!!! I don’t wake up passed out drunks because they lose their sense of humor!!!

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I have checked it out a few times

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^^Hey the streaking party was three weeks ago you’re a little late.

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^ Then he wonders why he finds nothing!!! LoL
You missed a good party josie!!! :)

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