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Trying to locate a poem online about two women having vastly different lives- help?

Asked by linguaphile (14417points) 1 month ago

A long time ago I read a poem that compares the marriage and happiness of two different women. The first half of the poem talks about the rich woman in a diadem crying because she has to give up the man she loves to marry the one her father chose—while across the field/meadow/something another woman is laundering her clothes, poor and happy because she is preparing to marry the man she loves.
I must have read it when I was 16; it made an impression on me, and I recently made a comment about preferring to marry a stable hand over a king. I realized that definitely was inspired by that poem but can’t find it to show where my thoughts came from.
The point of the poem, as I read it at that age, was that money doesn’t equate happiness and choices do. I have searched for the poem high and low online with no luck. My keywords fail me… so Fluther, can you help?

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Will try

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No keyword luck yet but here is a library research guide to locating a poem that may help you:

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@janbb <3 thank you!
I feel like it might have been in a book of “great American poems,” printed in the 80’s… ??

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@janbb Your sources helped! Bingo! Found!
Not a majestic work of word-art, but it’s what I remember! thank you!!
Rich and Poor

What an uninspiring title….

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All righty!

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