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What is this song called?

Asked by fortris (683points) August 27th, 2008 from iPhone

The only thing I remember is that the singer keeps saying “get even” but that’s not the song title.

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is it a RAP/LOVE/ROCK/COUNTRY…song? more info please

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Megadeth, I’ll Get Even?

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Rock, and no, it’s not Megadeth

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Aerosmith: Don’t Get Mad, Get Even

Foreigner: I’ll Get Even With You


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Again, the singer repeatedly says “get even, get even” over and over in one part of the song, but it’s not CALLED get even.

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No offense, just curious, but if you don’t know the name, how do you know “get even” is not in the name?

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any more details?

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Male or female vocalist?

about how old is the song

what other bands/songs does it sound similar to?

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do you remember any other lyric?
try singing outloud (or in your head).

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@lefteh Because I checked 50 songs called “get even”.
@shadling21 Check below.
@hearkat Male.
@blastfamy Its during a House (TV show) commercial

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Have you checked

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Found it with a simple search of YouTube, it’s Whitey – Wrap it Up

And thank you HearKat, for

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Glad you found it! And thanks for the link!

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That song was in GTA IV, good song, kinda reminds me of Franz Ferdinand though.

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