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What is your favorite accomplishment?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (29147points) 1 week ago

Of yours

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Well. I guess being a single mother, supporting 2 to 4 kids by myself, being dirt poor (didn’t start out that way though,) and getting a bachelor’s degree in the middle of it all, graduating Magna Cum Laude
I think that was something to be proud of.
And I’m proud of my kids.

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Making it to 51. No kidding.

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Well, I’m glad you made it @anniereborn. Why did you think you wouldn’t (if you don’t mind my asking.)

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Having a math certificate award for having a perfect score in grade 2.

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^I won my middle school geography bee three years in a row; the only kid to ever do that (record as of yet not broken). I’m still proud of that :)

Graduating from Stanford was nice too.

I’m sure there will be more accomplishments to come.

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Nice @Demosthenes!
I read more books than any other kid in my 5th grade class. I blew SRA out of the water.

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Finding my life partner (after two other tries) and believing that I now have everything I ever wanted.

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