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In the spirit of giving and receiving. Pick one thing that you'd like to give to yourself this year, anything.

Asked by judochop (16114points) December 15th, 2011

It does not matter your religion or belief just post a link to something that you want, anything at all. It can be world peace or 500 slices of bacon, Opera wrapped up in your bed or Maury asleep under the mistletoe. Just a fun question. Nothing overly serious.

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A hand-oh wait I do that everyday.

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A trip to Europe.

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At the risk of repeating myself: my own female sex slave :-p

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Packers season tickets.

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A kitten :D

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A quiet space to honour my introverted soul who is currently being ignored.

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Hot, sweaty sex with this man.

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My family back together.

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if i could be santa this year i would give you that in a heartbeat @janbb

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@Blondesjon Thank you dear!

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A week of vacation here with my man would be heaven.

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I have already given myself a shiatsu massage seat and a leather office armchair.
What I could still want is a life sized hand made of rubber.

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I miss Australia-A couple of months back down-under, would be lovely. Of course, I’d take my hubby, son and his girlfriend. Yes, my son’s girlfriend can go because she is the closest thing to a daughter I could hope for.
It’s time for me to go back, I’ve been gone too long.

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@janbb‘s family back together.

@judochop What would you choose?

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My sweetie told me to go ahead and order what I wanted. This will be arriving Saturday. I’m going to be wearing this thing until spring.

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@jonsblond I like it. You will look great in it.

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@chyna thank you. I hope it’s as comfy as it looks. =)

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For fun: A Santa hat with Spock ears.

For serious: I made a new friend a week and a half ago. Yesterday, I found out his dad and his grandmother passed away. I want him to be happy again.

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A new car, but I’d settle for a box of chocolates.

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I think I would choose one of these. I love toys.

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@judochop I had a feeling it would be a vehicle of some sort. Nice!

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I need a new axe.

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@Symbeline – Yeah! Those axes sure degrade quickly after chopping up just a couple’a zombies, eh?

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@WillWorkForChocolate How did I know who that man was even before I opened the link?

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@MilkyWay Perhaps I’ve mentioned him on Fluther before? I dunno… :P

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Thor’s hammer! Sorry, been playing too much Tomb Raider.

Also, an axe. A new one. And a hammer. Thor’s.

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