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Can you remember any nicknames you once called your friends and acquaintances. Perhaps from schooldays.

Asked by flutherother (34629points) October 25th, 2019

Can you remember how they came by those nicknames?

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I have called my sister many nicknames over the years. Once Lol!

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My boys and a couple of girl buds from high school…

Animal mother
Willito (pronounced Will-EE-toe)
Sweet Lee

Plus a couple that are now politically incorrect. We still call them that but only when we are together exclusively

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Lots of them, and we are again all connected by Facebook. The nicknames are back. What a bunch of crazy and fun folks.

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I remember mine in high school. It was Rabbit. We lived in Kodiak Alaska and the only TV we got was AFRTS (Armed Forces Radio and Television Service) which perpetually showed Crusader Rabbit and Rags the Tiger cartoons.

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