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Windows XP Question?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 29th, 2008

Okay, remember back in the day when you opened explorer to view a file folder? Well back then there was not all these annoying things to the left. When you view a folder there are all these options about what to do with a file, “tasks” “details.” Those types of things. I %9#8ing Hate this SH%* I am trying to do high volume file transfer and organization work with over 1000 files right now and they are in my way, how do I just view a folder with out all that stuff? I have three file windows open, and the three frames on the left take up half my screen. they are a total eye sore as well as being useless, its like they are for people that don’t know anything about computers, well I do and I have work to do. Can some one tell me how to take them off?

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In any explorer window, go to tools>Folder Options…

On the first tab, there should be something that turns off the ‘common tasks’ pane or something to that effect…

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IT worked. Awesome, how did I miss that one. thanks you just saved my sanity, from the “common tasks view.” I mean really, what a waste of space.

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I agree, having the folder tree there instead is a lot more productive.

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