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What is the best way to find follow-ups to a minor (to everybody else) news story in a specific publication?

Asked by canidmajor (15511points) 1 week ago

For example, I would like to follow a story first reported in the Seattle Times, but the names of the principles aren’t mentioned. Is there some way I can flag the story to get updates? The writer? I don’t subscribe, can I find out without subscribing?

If there’s really no way without jumping through many hoops, that’s OK, just curious. I can probably figure something out, I am hoping someone knows an easy way.


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I haven’t used this in years, but in the past I did have success using Google Alerts. You can do a search and make sure the results look good. Once you’re ok with it, you can create an alert (click “show options”) that will update you (via email) when there is an update.

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Thank you very much, @hmmmmmm. I will look into that.

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