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What is the per square foot price to build a house in NC?

Asked by Walt (4points) August 29th, 2008

Looking for an approximate figure for Chatham County. Am looking at plans and need this figure to see how much house I can afford.

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So much of this depends on the many, many options for supplies, decorative pieces, everything that goes into building a house. If you have chair rails and crown molding and cool brick on the outside and onyx countertops and everything else, the price per square foot is going to be higher than it would be for one built using more inexpensive materials and simpler design. You might want to check with your local Habitat for Humanity and ask them about how much their houses cost. I rather think they’d be willing to help you figure it out.

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Here is a site that walks you through many of the options. They use a nation wide average of $150/sqft. Frankly I think that’s out of date.

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