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How to settle down?

Asked by RedDeerGuy1 (15871points) 1 month ago

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If you can’t then how do you settle down on one spot?
I was told to buy real plates instead of using paper plates. Should I?
Humor and serious answers welcome.

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I rarely use paper plates. More often than not they become too contaminated to revycle.

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Buy a house.

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Paper plates are the eternal trademark of the confirmed uncivilized bachelor. RDG, the road to self discipline begins with chores. If you know yourself prone to procrastination, it is imperative to ingrain habits in yourself which become routine. You need real dishes if only for the necessity of washing them. Make your bed as regularly as you brush your teeth.

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Or even more often than once a week. ~

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I thought that too @kritiper.

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Buying a house makes no sense at all.

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No matter where you go, there you are. That’s a saying to remind us that our actual location is less important than our emotional location. There are many support groups online to help us make choices.

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Settle down for me mean to feel comfortable where one lives, how one lives, and purchases furniture for the long haul.
Finding a place that feels most comfortable for you.
Sometimes it means having a partner to settle down with and plan short and long term goals.
Feeling at home with oneself.

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Settling down in the country means keep your weiner in your pants and stay home instead of partying. Do so with a lady by your side. Let yourselves grow together.

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I think that given your difficulty meeting new people, and spending much of your time home staring at books or a gaming screen, you should start small, within your home, and work your way outward.
Find something, at t least one item per month, to treat yourself to some small item which makes your home more cheerful. I don’t mean pictures of family, or certificates of achievement. Perhaps a painting or print you like of an animal, or architecture you find appealing. Get a ceramic cat or dog and put it somewhere you can Pat it on the head when you enter and exit a room. Such things can help you feel more ready to face the real world outside of your home. Funny or pretty salt and pepper shakers might be appealing to you.
The main thing important to feeling settled is to separate yourself gradually from fictional characters and environments, and make the real world more a part of your home and your life.

You can never feel a part of your town, neighborhood, world if you stay closed off from it. If you start with real world things you enjoy within reach at home, you can eventually feel more apart of the world around you.
You might keep a journal of how much time you spend gaming, and make yourself reduce it by an hour or two each week.

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