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How can you tell if a tenent will be loud or messy?

Asked by Scrumpulator (564points) August 29th, 2008

Trying to figure out if tenants will be loud or quit, I want them to be quit, there are old people below them. Is there a way to tell from a first meeting who will be loud or quit? clean or messy?

how they dress, posture, hand writing,

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Look at their car or van. if it’s a piece of crap and trashed on the inside you can bet they will be loud and messy. Bank on it. I am seldom (never) wrong on this.

Of course, there are people with the relatively clean and clutter free cars who can be loud but are generally not messy. To find out if they are loud meet them at their car and see if you can hear the bass or if they need to turn down the music when you approach. Never fails.

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There is no way you can look at anyone and tell what kind of people they are. I can put on makeup and nice clothes, speak in a proper British accent, show that I know which fork is for salad and which one is for fish (I’ve done it before). At heart, and at home, I am a wallowing couch potato that drinks straight from the milk carton, doesn’t get dressed on the weekends, and goes to Wendy’s in my Winnie the Pooh slippers. You want to know if they will be quiet and clean? You need to lay all that one the table , up front, and see what they say.

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You can also ask that they give you references from previous landlords. You probably won’t even have to call references – asking them outright about their habits would probably be enough since they know you have the option of checking up on them. I’ve always had to provide references when I move into a new place, I don’t think it would be considered intrusive.

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Wait until they move in!

By the way, the correct spellings are “tenant” and “quiet”. . . .

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If they are young and you have to raise your voice in order to be heard, it means that they have been listening to far too much very loud music.

Put your requirements in writing; as long as you don’t discriminate by race, gender or religion, don’t you as the landlord have some rights? Like no pets or babies?

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I agree, talk it over with them, but also use your inherent detective apparatus, check out their car, check their references, do a credit check too; get a feel.
Then tell them you have a feeling that they (whatever) and you want them to talk with you about that thing. If they’re very reassuring, make them sign a contract (the lease)
that includes the promise they’ve made not to do that thing you had the funny feeling about.
If they’re happy to make that promise, you’re fine. If not, tell them sorry. This is business.
You don’t have to be nice to them. You only have to be courteous and honest.

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Actually, I am in Italy, And I can discriminate here, even down to the sex that I want to move in and their age, for example 25–29 Females only. For another example, I only rent to Americans. Second. I don’t rent to Italians. Because If they don’t pay rent, I have to take them to court, in the meantime they can stay in the appartment for up to ten years without paying, because that is how long the courts take, you can’t kick people out of your home here. but you can discriminate. Land lords have no rights here except for that.

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