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What's the most useful thing your mom or dad taught you?

Asked by Vignette (2874points) 4 weeks ago

Pretty much as asked. I find it interesting to look back and see it was not just one thing it was a few really good things and how each played a role at different stages of my life. Right now for me it was my dad who told me to never sweat the small stuff. What is your lesson you learned that serves you well?

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Let us just say, they led by negative example.

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First save for it, then purchase it.

Apart from a house once, and my phone plan, I’ve never bought anything that I had to pay back later in installments.

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My mum told me never to look a square arsed cow in the eye.
She believed these bothersome bovine beasts were plotting bloody murder on all of mankind…did I ever mention she was prone to bouts of madness? :D

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How to communicate feelings.

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My mom taught me that education is very important. She said you can lose your house, you can lose everything you own, but you can’t lose your education.

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How to listen and care about someone’s feelings.

Also both taught me how to cook !

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By cheating on my mother and leaving us, my father taught me how not to act in order to be a decent human being.

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Good work ethic
Patience and a calm demeanor
Gravity kills.

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To rely on myself,and become independent.

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My dad taught me to rely on evidence and proof rather than emotion.

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