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Is there a free way to send snail mail online?

Asked by chadsurfjunky (14points) July 30th, 2007

yes i did use the search engines before

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thanks for the info...this is perfect...and 100% free. now i dont have to wait the next day to send out a letter to the post office...

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Have you tried it out? How is it? welcome!

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im about to send a letter right now....

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sorry took long...had to upload documents then attach the url links to the letter before i could send it out.

you have to go through 2 advertisements (i suggest giving a bogus number unless you want to be contacted). After that you get the message:

Thank you.
Your letter has been sent. It will be printed, enveloped, posted and sent within 24 hours. Thanks for using eSnailer for your online mail needs.

there is also an option "ad-free" for $1.50

There is no tracker on the site so i have no idea if the letter is sent or not...i did give my email. they could inform me thru email.

thanks glial

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