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How do you know if the ball point pen's ink is erasble with a regular eraser? See detail.

Asked by flo (12985points) November 22nd, 2019

That is without having to test it with an eraser. Have you seen a pen that says anything about it? And what would be the term for it, since it’s not the pen that’s being erased but the ink. And it’s not the ink from pre ball point pen era. And why is there such a product? Could it be a defective batch?

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I have seen ink pens with an eraser on the end much like a pencil. I can’t remember what they called it but I am sure “erasable ink” figured in there somewhere.
There are times when I have made mistakes with ink and wished to erase it.
When I’ve tried this, it never comes out as well as erased pencil does.
I imagine they purposely tried to develop that product but sometimes defects or mistakes lead to new discoveries.

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@lucillelucillelucille Thanks. I forgot to add there is no eraser on the pen.

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@flo -I’d assume it would say so on the package but even the erasers on the other pens are very gritty and rough up the paper.

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Trial and error.

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By color. Orange no white or blue yes.

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^ NOT RED!!!

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@lucillelucillelucille The package probably went in the garbage. Also the ink was removed by a regular pencil eraser with no effort whatsoever.

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@Sagacious That’s if you know already.
@RedDeerGuy1 I understand.

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