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Can you help me find this political movie that Rick and I watched just last night, about Guantanamo Bay and the torture of prisoners, spanning the Bush years?

Asked by Dutchess_III (41069points) 5 days ago

I can’t remember the name, but it was interesting how much they hid from Bush, how in the dark they left him.
It makes me wonder how much they keep from trump in order to keep this country functioning as normally as possible. Do they just toss him a bone or a play toy once in a while to let him feel like he’s in charge, while they carry on the business of running the country so it doesn’t collapse like a toddler’s ABC blocks tower?

I highly recommend it, whatever it was….some parts are horrifying, though.

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The Report?

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Bingo! Yes. Watch that. It was depressing, but heartening at the same time to see how much goes on around the president.

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I can’t imagine them getting past Obama what they got past Bush, but I imagine trump is even easier to smoke. Just tell him how great he is and he’ll go away for a week to go golfing and feeling good.

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Haven’t watched that one yet, but I mean to.

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You can probably handle the painful parts better than me. I kept having to tune out then tune back in and refocus on the dialogue. You can’t really google and play with that move…except during the screaming parts.
And OMG…the volume SKYROCKETS during the screaming parts.

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There’s not much I can’t handle, except Lifetime and Hallmark movies.

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