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Was Bush correct on Gitmo?

Asked by WestRiverrat (20012points) March 8th, 2011

Obama has reversed himself and reinstated most of Bush’s policies, with a little tweaking.

Does this vindicate in any way Bush’s Gitmo policies, or is Obama wrong now?

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No, Obama is still wrong and American politicians are way too paranoid to acknowledge that we may be committing a grievous wrong against hundreds of people. However, wthem toe’ll never know if we don’t allow everyone to have a trial.

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Bush was wrong on setting it up. Now Obama has to figure a way out, which is different.
He can’t simply close it.

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Wow, too late to edit, but I meant to say “we’ll never know.” I took a phone call halfway through that response and apparently lost my train of thought. Sorry!

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Guantanamo bay is leased by the US in a unilateral agreement with the Cuban government who no longer considers the US Navy presence welcome or of mutual benefit. America pays $4000/year by a check that never gets cashed, so in effect they are squatting, although by offering the check they do at least accept that they are a foreign occupation.

The terms of the lease state that the bay may be used as a coaling station, but makes no mention of the area being used as a concentration camp for detainees in violation of the Geneva code.

Obama should make plans to withdraw the US presence from Cuba as soon as possible, as America is no longer bound to the lease which allows for termination if both parties agree. This would put an end to entire problem.

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It’s just my opinion, but military trials for foreign combatants are wrong, wrong, wrong. When WW2 ended, were the Nazis tried by military means? No. An international court was established that dealt with them.

Bush and now Obama are trying to circumvent international law and deal with people we would rather not think about. It’s outrageous.

I don’t know what the answer is, but what we’re doing now is wrong.

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I think the fear is that if there was an international court, there would be too much a chance that they would be found innocent and sent home.

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