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What is in the console in your car?

Asked by josie (30158points) 1 month ago

The box, usually with a lid, underneath your inside elbow.
Assuming you have a car, or one with a console.

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Cell phone charger, kleenex, napkins, change, flash drives full of music

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A plastic Jesus, he got lost!

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@josie Yep, that’s the one!

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An eyeglass case, eyeglass cleaning kit, a pen, and a couple of old lottery tickets. And the tickets to an ongoing speaker series, so I don;t forget them at home again.

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Pens, gift cards, sometimes tissues, charge wire for my cell phone, turnpike thingy, receipts, sometimes a few dollars.

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CDs, eyeglass case, coupons, gift cards, battery pack, charging cord, exacto knife, scissors, string, zip ties…and a stash of plastic straws from Oakland because they haven’t switched over to paper straws yet.

I should probably clean it out.

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@raum MacGyver?? Is that you?

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Does MacGyver hate soggy paper straws too?

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@raum Everybody does, even the inventor of paper straws, Capt. Bob McPita.

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Notebook, pens, napkins, GermX, a Glock 26 and an extra magazine.

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LOL Probably.

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A window punch, mobile phone charger, zipper pouch of coins, spare pair of sunglasses.

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