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Should postal workers not wear Santa uniforms during December?

Asked by ragingloli (49131points) December 21st, 2019

Since it is them, that are delivering all the presents.

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No because for many of us, the presents don’t come from Santa – if they come at all.

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Yes, they should not wear them.

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I think that its the spirit of the season and it puts a smile on peoples faces.

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The only thing I care about is the success of the delivery. They could be naked. I don’t care.

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^ I ran into my mail carrier at Walmart while he was off duty. He was wearing shorts & a tank top. I can guarantee you that I NEVER want him delivering my mail naked…it wasn’t a pretty sight!!! ;{

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# “SAM:” No, I dont want to do a jingle. That’s stupid.
” CLIFF:” Sammy is right there, Becks. What you want is a word of mouth campaign. I’d be happy to help. You know, I’ll talk it up down at the old Post Office. Before you know it this place will be wall to wall with letter carriers. You think I’m entertaining .. Multiply me by 100.

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It would be too awkward to deliver the mail down chimneys.

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I have never seen this.

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