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What is a good question to ask yourself while in the midst of a bad day?

Asked by lucillelucillelucille (34325points) January 20th, 2020

What the fuck? is already taken.

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Do I have enough money for a pizza?

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Would I trade my life for someone else’s right now?

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I was going to say “will this matter in a week?” But I think I like @RedDeerGuy1‘s answer better.

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Where is the next bridge?

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So if ”what the fuck?” is already taken, can I ask ”why the fuck?”

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What are three things I’m grateful about ?

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@SavoirFaire That often works well
@ragingloli -lol!
@SergeantQueen- I already have the answer to that.Lol
@Tropical_Willie- That usually does the trick for me :)

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The answer is yes.

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Is your life really that bad compared to some?

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Why didn’t my parents practice safe sex?

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What the hell kind of shit is this???

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I don’t ask myself anything. I head for the lake when I get a chance.

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Will any of this really matter in the future?

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@jca2-Exactly :)
@kritiper- that should be put to music
@Jonsblond I’ve got one of those spots too
@seawulf575 -It almost never does

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It ain’t cancer! I could be stranded in North Korea.

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@stanleybmanly -That quickly puts things in perspective.

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Yes. The word bad has its amplitudes. I mean there’s missing the bus and cerebral hemorrhage.

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Is this a short term problem or a long term problem.
Short term…let it ride.
Long term, ask why and what you can do about it ( and if you can do something about it),otherwise let that go as well.

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