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What programs can I use to unbrick/jailbreak/use cracked apps with my iPhone EDGE?

Asked by fortris (683points) August 31st, 2008 from iPhone

I upgraded to the iPhone 3G and I’m gonna use my old iphone as a guinea pig. It has 2.0 on it and is bricked (I upgraded it while useing a non-valid SIM card) I use windows vista.

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you can’t jailbreak if you have the 2.0 software. If you can downgrade is the way to go.

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I did with Winpwn

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You can definitely jailbreak with 2.0. I did it to my 2G iPhone and use it everyday. Just use Pwnage Tool or Winpwn

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On a PC, just try Winpwn. Google it.

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redsn0w works really well, just jailbreak it to 3.0, and you’re all set :D

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since it’s bricked, you kinda have to go with redsn0w or its variants. Were it not bricked, id just update to 3.0 and use blackra1n. Easiest jailbreak I ever did, took literally 5 seconds, start to finish!

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