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The song from the Axe body detailer commercial...

Asked by poofandmook (17282points) August 31st, 2008

is “Take Me Baby” by Jimi Tenor. I need that song… I can’t seem to find it on any site that doesn’t look like it’s just waiting to dump tons of spyware on my computer. Anybody?

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Alright, it took a LOT of searching, but i finally found a 15GB torrent that had this song in there. I DLed it and then uploaded just the one song to rapid share for you.$Jimi_Tenor _$_Take_Me_Baby__Original_Mix.mp3.html
theres the link,replace the $ with – and take out the space after tenor,i had to change it because fluther kept messing with it.

. The only thing i ask in return is take me baby, take me to edge of explosion =P

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LOL uber! Thanks!

your place or mine? teehee

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